Unlock Your Potential

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and scattered?

Are you intimidated by your own goals, or have given up on them already because they seem so distant compared to your current circumstances?

Are you a personal development or productivity enthusiast but don't feel like you have a lot to show for all the time and effort you've put into learning about these things?

It's time to change all that.

It's time for simplicity, lightness, enthusiasm, and results.

It's time to be ambitious, without losing sight of all the joys you get to experience NOW.

There's no need to put your goals on hold because "life keeps getting in the way."

It's time to embrace life for what it is and to make the most of it towards the life you want to live.

The Four Elements

Productivity and life-planning can be confusing and overwhelming. By focusing on just four elements, you can improve your experience of life and the results you're able to achieve.

The four elements are:

💎 Clarity: How clear are you about the goals you want to achieve, what it takes to achieve them, and how to overcome any obstacle standing in your way?

🧡 Feelings: What feelings are you currently experiencing that might be getting in the way of the life you want to live? What feelings do you want to experience more of? How can you cultivate feelings that allow you to make decisions and take actions to live the life you want?

⚡️ Energy: Are you experiencing the levels of energy in your life that you want to experience? How can you increase the energy you bring to everything you do? How can you avoid wasting energy on things that don't matter? How can you avoid the things that drain you of energy, whether it's thoughts, people, or commitments?

⏰ Time: How can you make the most of the time you have, without feeling rushed and always lagging behind? How can you get to experience a sense of time abundance and work at a pace that's comfortable, yet engaging for you?

Venn Diagram of Four elements that lead to productivity: a diamond to represent clarity, heart to represent feelings, lightning to represent energy, and clock to represent time.

By working with these four elements you'll be able to achieve the goals you set out to achieve, without getting distracted by unnecessary details and shiny objects.

Why coaching?

I've been a personal development and productivity enthusiast for many, many years, and one pattern I've noticed again and again is that we tend to look away when things get difficult. Sometimes the evasion is obvious. Sometimes it's extremely subtle and looks productive.

Did you take that online course because you really needed to learn what's being taught or were you putting something between you and the actions you need to take to put yourself out there and achieve your goals?

Sometimes learning is important. Other times learning is a form of procrastination.

Sometimes planning is important. Other times planning is a pitfall that's hard to escape.

Coaching helps you develop the clarity and commitment to see your plans through and to apply what you already know.

Rather than look away, you look within.

Rather than search for excuses, you find deeper understanding.

Rather than put things off, you commit to what you can, where you are.

I want to help you:

  • Develop clarity about what you want and how to achieve it
  • Identify obstacles in your way and working through them
  • Listen to your feelings, without belittling or dismissing them
  • Increase your energy and capacity to think, feel, and do through simple lifestyle changes
  • Make the most of your time, without feeling rushed or panicked
  • Cultivate self-love, understanding, kindness, and compassion
  • Increase your awareness of the present moment and how to connect with it
  • Embrace your current circumstances as your starting point to any destination you want to achieve (life without acceptance of what is often leads to frustration, not fulfillment)
  • Remain WITHIN your Comfort Zone, but move to the edge of it so that you feel comfortable while making progress and expanding your Comfort Zone. This way we guarantee you make progress from the get-go without any resistance, reluctance, or resentment

Two circles to represent the expansion of the Comfort Zone by staying at the edge of it

How It Works

Here's what the Unlock Your Potential coaching program involves: 

  • A 1-hour Zoom session when you sign up for me to understand your ambitions and apprehensions
  • Daily check-ins by chat (WhatsApp or Telegram) where you share your plan for the day and reflections of how the day went
  • Our focus will be daily progress vs perfection. Every small step forward is worth celebrating and every setback is worth learning from. No judgment, only curiosity and support
  • We work together to enhance your level of Clarity, improve your Emotional baseline, increase your Energy, and make the most of your Time
  • You will see results in a matter of days and cultivate life-long habits and attitudes

Who is this coaching for?

If you have high ambitions, don't feel like you're living up to your potential, and are willing to work with a coach to help you through your challenges, then this is for you.

I would especially advise generalists who are juggling multiple interests and struggling to make life decisions to sign up, as I have personal experience pursuing multiple interests and making a living out of it.

If you prefer doing things on your own you may experience a lot of resistance working with a coach, in which case I wouldn't recommend it. You may want to schedule a single session to see if you would feel comfortable working with a coach or not, but I highly recommend listening to your own gut instincts, without dismissing them.

Who is offering this coaching?

My name is Haider Al-Mosawi, and I've been a personal development enthusiast for 15+ years, with many successes and struggles throughout my journey. I've started a few businesses, self-published a few e-books, and have helped business owners and individuals through business and personal struggles.

I believe in non-coercive personal development that goes against "hustle culture" and "tough love". It's important to listen to our emotions, understand ourselves, and being kind towards ourselves.

The biggest transformation I have experienced in my life has been through prioritizing self-love, which has boosted my baseline of happiness and allowed me to face challenges with grace and a smile.

I want to help others approach life with greater compassion, clarity, awareness, ambition, and acceptance.

If you're looking to achieve your goals without losing yourself, then I'm here to help. 😃

What others have said about working with me

"My session with Haider was at a time where I felt very uncertain and confused about the direction my life was taking. He helped me to clarify my thoughts by decluttering my mind into manageable micro goals. More importantly, I felt heard, understood and encouraged, which has changed my outlook on decision-making and increased my confidence."

~ Sara De Angelis

"I was so excited to have my coaching with Haider, and I got what I expected and more! I expected that he will be adding a more -human- approach to the usual strict approaches people would expect when you say 'system'. He has kindly helped me develop a simple concept that can be applied on any aspect of my life. It was a holistic approach for the whole well-being, and not only to serve one matter.

I also asked him a business question and he kindly advised me with a simple procedure that resonated with other areas in my life, and it was really eye-opening for me. Haider is a sincere person and I highly recommend that you benefit from his diverse expert knowledge."

~ Athari A. Yagoub

Available Packages

You can sign up for 1 month or 3 months, as an individual, or for someone to join you during the calls and daily follow-up.

1 month is recommended if you want to get into the flow of new habits and starting to build momentum in life. The 3 months is recommended if you have an ambitious project you want to work on and 1 month isn't enough to make tangible progress with it. 

If you're writing a book, building a business, or looking for a life transformation and want to have someone by your side to experience sizable progress with it (or even experience the whole transformation you're seeking), 3 months might be a better option.

The "Two People" packages are best for individuals who would like to have a friend or family member join them on their coaching journey, whether for the extra support or to bounce ideas off someone else.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you feel like you're not seeing the results you expected, you can request a full-refund during the 30-day coaching period. No questions asked and no hard feelings. 

I want to help others get results and for my clients to feel great working with me. I want my clients to feel like they've gotten value that's multiples of what they signed up for, and if coaching (or my way of coaching) isn't for you, then I don't want to take your money. 😃